We have many blankets to choose from and frequently get questions on which size is best for what age. 

It all comes down to personal preference, but here are our loveys and blankets along with the recommended ages for each. 

Crinkle Lovey - Suitable from 3/4 months old, until approximately 1.5 years old. Excellent for sensory skills and playtime, or on the go. 

Minky Graphic Lovey -Suitable from birth, until approximately 2 years (Some children use their lovey for years, while others only for a year or two). Excellent size for car seat/stroller or nap time. Intended for a 'security blanket/comfort item'.

Minky Graphic/Luxe Small - Suitable from birth, until approximately age 2/3. Excellent size for tummy time, car seat/stroller, crib or couch.

Minky Graphic Medium - Suitable from birth, until approximately age 6/7. Excellent size for tummy time, the car seat/stroller or couch.

Minky Graphic/Luxe Large - Suitable from birth, but it is not suitable for a car seat or stroller as it is so big. This size will not be outgrown and is an excellent size for a crib or couch blanket. 

*It is always recommended that you measure which blanket size best suits your child's needs and also what you will be using it for*